As a "fashion blogger" I get a lot of free clothes and stuff like that all the time, but recently I've also gotten a couple of other fun (sexy?) gifts delivered to my door. Let's take a look!

A few days ago I found a black envelope from Weekday filled with the new Weekday-condoms! Too bad I don't use condoms, since I'm on birth control pills. And my boyfriend lives in London... so I don't really have any sex either :( hehe... Anyway, I love the video they made. It's a perfect combination of things Swedes are good at: 1) being hot, 2) having promiscuous sex and 3) creating great advertisement, music and clothing.

The second gift I got a few weeks ago from the company Oliver & Eva! A cute little giftbag filled with a bunch of fun stuff. Unlike Weekday I guess they figured out I'm not getting laid hahaha *cries myself to sleep*

And talking about SEX, don't forget to come by my Thursday club STD at Spy Bar tonight hehe. Send me an email if you wanna be on the list.


NEW BLOG DESIGN!!! What do you think about it? I'm gonna polish it a bit (a.k.a. make Luca do it...) But four new features I hope you'll like: 1) BIGGER PHOTOS! Yay. 2) Calendar! Now you can find info and dates and stuff for all my upcoming dj-gigs, clubs, parties, events, etc... 3) WAY better comment field! I know the one on my old page was crappy and didn't even work for some of you... Now you can leave your much appreciated little comments again! (Have you seen that I answer all your comments? If you ask me something in the comment field just check back a couple of days later and you will probably find an answer from me!) 4) LIKE-BUTTON! If you don't wanna comment.

Also: Now you can find all my social links (like facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, etc) either in the "Social"-tab (and in the footer of  the website). You can also find the Archive, Categories and Search-field in the footer. xx


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

A couple of weeks ago I had a pre-party event in the American Apparel store before my club at Spy BarLuca and I were DJs together and we played on my PHILIPS M1X-DJ that I got for my Compact Clubbing-party this summer (but without the white speaker-box connected, as you can see, we connected it to the big speakers in the store instead!) LOVE PLAYING ON IT. So much fun.

PS. Special thanks to Miller for not letting us go thirsty.